you only live twice

always classy, never trashy, but a little nasty ;)
drawing-bored:  was deborah harry really ever this young?

now you're just somebody that i used to know

so true. all of it, every word.
guess my life isn’t worth living then.

It's like you've never been young

hate it
twentyy-one:  so you might as well
str8 up…. my teenage life in a nutshell.
i spy a hairy armpit
i completely did. i always do. because no one is ever as wonderful as i make them up to be.


jag just nu och typ alltid åh

ps i still wait for you ds

shewasinlovewithacigarette:  i will
cobra-s:  i-ll-u-s-i-o-n:  Max Krieger   marry me. seriously. his teeethhhh
familicide:  wow

i love you to the moon and back

du var som alla dom

phanterie:  untitled by Mariah Hamilton on Flickr.

apric0ts:  (by alba yruela)

vacill-ation:  :’(


lögner skingrar sig som solsken genom höströda löv som faller bo




ta mig till ett bättre ställe, ta mig till dig

meetmysummer:  I LOVE HER








imnotamorningperson:  pr0mise-the-stars:  always reblog  beauziful


my mind is so fucked up +





Du var en del av mig +






Hur ska jag få dig att förstå hur det känns +


executions:  spaces by Faded Vision


 i’ll make your love grenade explode.
tailormadeart:  FLOWERS by RickJeav on Flickr.



skeletales:  Mother Nature’s Paintbrush (by yelovet00)

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